Alumni News - Where Are They Now?


Alumni News - Where Are They Now?

Justin Sevenker, who successfully defended his dissertation, “Old English Composition: Literacy and the History of English in the United States,” in early August 2016, has accepted a position as Assistant Professor of English at Lorain County Community College to teach a wide variety of courses, starting with developmental writing and composition and eventually expanding to literature, technical writing, ESL, and others in the Arts and Humanities division. His position in the future will open up to afford him administrative opportunities as well. He is also working on a contribution to the MLA's Options for Teaching volume on Teaching the History of the English Language.

Erin Anderson, a graduate of the PhD program in 2014, has returned to Pitt as an Assistant Professor in Writing for the Writing Program to develop and teach coursework in digital story-telling. She moves into this position after a two-year stint as Associate Professor of English and Co-Director for the Professional and New Media Writing Program at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. Her recent project Our Time is Up, the story of Jake and Helen McCleary assembled from audio fragments from oral historical recordings, recently won the Sarah Lawrence College International Fiction Award for 2016. 

Pamela VanHaitsma, Assistant Professor of English at Old Dominion University who got her PhD from Pitt in 2014, won the 2015 Charles Kneupper Award from the Rhetoric Society of America for her article in Rhetoric Society Quarterly, "Queering the Language of the Heart: Romantic Letters, Genre Instruction, and Rhetorical Practice.” The award is given by the Editorial Board and current editor of RSQ in recognition of an outstanding contribution to scholarship in rhetoric. She was recognized and received her awards at the RSA Conference in the summer of 2016.

Steph Ceraso won the 2015 Richard Ohmann Award for Outstanding Article in College English for her 2014 article, “(Re)Educating the Senses: Multimodal Listening, Bodily Learning, and the Composition of Sonic Experiences.” Awarded to an outstanding article in the past volume year of the journal that makes a significant contribution to the field of English studies.  Steph has accepted a new position at UVa for the fall—and has recently been interviewed for the podcast, Rhetoricity.

Current Graduate Student Accomplishments

Carrie Hall and Lauren Hall were co-recipients of the Graduate Writing Award in Literacy, Pedagogy, and Rhetoric in the spring of 2016, selected by judges Annette Vee, Steve Carr, and Ryan McDermott. Carrie and Lauren were recognized and shared from their work at the awards' event on April 27, 2016, also featuring guest speaker Paul Kameen, Professor of English.

Kerry Banazek recently received the Kairos Award for Teaching for Graduate Students and Adjuncts, a national award that recognizes excellence in teaching and innovative use of computers and writing pedagogies. Kerry was recognized and formally given the award at the 2016 Computers and Writing Conference.