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Composition Program Writing Award Guidelines and Winners

The Composition Program honors excellent undergraduate writing created in its classes by awarding cash prizes to winners of the Ossip Award for Excellence in Seminar in Composition or the Award for Advanced Composition. 

Each year’s panel of judges looks for thoughtfully crafted essays that explore a subject’s complexity.

To showcase both the range and the quality of work valued by the Composition Program, prize-winning essays from recent years are published here with permission of the student authors (who retain copyright to their work). Each essay is accompanied by commentary from the judges, highlighting what they considered award worthy. It should be noted that most contest winners were first-year students at the time of writing and that papers were not revised or edited for web publication. The essays are not being offered as models of perfected student writing nor as templates for a successful paper; they represent outstanding achievement by students who submitted their work to the writing contest for each academic year.

The submission deadline for Summer or Fall Term courses is January 31, 2018; for Spring Term courses, June 11, 2018. 

If you would like to compete, please open the current contest guidelines (PDF).

Past Winners and Judges' Commentary

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