The Composition Program in the Department of English at the University of Pittsburgh offers a wide range of opportunities for English majors, undergraduates in various fields of study, and graduate students interested in the teaching of reading and writing. We are committed to linguistic diversity, digital modes of expression, and real world applications of writing.

For undergraduates, we offer several courses that fulfill the first-year composition requirement and a wide array of intermediate and advanced courses for those seeking to develop their writing, work toward careers as teachers, or prepare for graduate school. Students can also pursue our Major or Certificate in Public and Professional Writing, which includes courses for those who are interested in advocacy and activism or those who expect to write extensively as professionals in law, medicine, the sciences, social work, public policy, marketing, international relations, business, or other fields.

For graduate students, we offer a doctoral program committed to inquiry in composition, pedagogy, literacy studies, rhetoric, and digital media, along with opportunities to gain experience in mentoring and curriculum development.  We also provide a Graduate Certificate in Composition for students who pursue other graduate degrees but seek certification for taking courses that investigate the teaching of writing and related fields.