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Doctoral Degree

Pitt’s doctoral students in Composition engage in innovative research and teaching while supported by faculty with an interdisciplinary emphasis to writing, pedagogy, and media. An overview of the doctoral program offers more details on student projects, support, courses and strengths of the faculty.


This graduate certificate recognizes sustained, advanced study in composition, literacy, pedagogy and rhetoric. It can be awarded to students who have earned the MA, MFA, or PhD degree in the Department of English, and to those earning graduate degrees in other departments, programs, and institutions.


Seminars offer graduate students the opportunity to work closely with research faculty while studying critical topics and exploring ingresses into research.  


Graduate students begin their teaching assistantships by teaching a section of Seminar in Composition, the introductory composition course required of all undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Writing Awards

Every year, the English Department's Program in Composition, Literacy and Pedagogy offers an award for graduate student work. This competitive award recognizes superior graduate writing that investigates questions relating to literacy, pedagogy, or rhetoric.