Writing-Intensive Courses

Beyond First-Year Composition, students may take courses in Composition to serve their Writing-Intensive ("W") General Education Requirement. Most Writing-intensive courses require Seminar in Composition as a prerequisite. If you are  looking for a good writing-intensive course to take, we offer many intermediate and advanced courses that are ideal for undergraduates who want to develop their ability to write prose, prepare to teach, learn about specific types of public and professional writing, or improve their ability to compose in traditional or digital media. Our courses explore expository writing, style, pedagogy, rhetoric, digital media, and more.

The Composition program also offers a major and certificate in Public and Professional Writing for students who wish to specialize in writing in professional contexts. Students, especially PPW majors and certificate students, can productively combine courses to develop particular kinds of expertise. See our course clusters page for a thematic guide to PPW courses.